August 31, 2012

A Carmela treat

I started off my morning by accompanying my friend, Mico, around our subidivision. Her thesis requires her to survey 200 people in selected barangays in the city and one of them happened to be where I lived. We were only able to visit a few houses in my block since we were pressed for time. In order to thank me for tagging along with her, she decided to treat me in Carmela. Thanks Mic!

Presenting a new product: Spaghetti tart. Interesting, huh?
Carmela is usually the place where my family and I order desserts for special occasions or when we just want to treat ourselves. Also, this is where my friends and I usually head to when we want to chat over good food. Mico was craving for their strawberry tart, so we opted to eat there.

I was shocked to see Spaghetti tarts on the menu. It was something I really wasn't expecting to see. Unfortunately, they didn't have their berry tarts today, so we decided to give this new menu item a try. I found it odd at first, but I grew to like it. It reminded me of a well-known spaghetti in one of the local food joints here. It was really good. Pasta on a tart may sound weird, but it surely didn't disappoint my taste buds. Mico and I both agreed though, that they should have served this with a fork. It's a bit messy when you bite into it directly.

The obligatory order of steamed siomai, one of the things Carmela is
famous for aside from their buko pie.
Maja Blanca, Sapin-Sapin, Cuchinta
Cream puffs topped with caramel and almond slices.

Without realizing it, I guess we ordered a little too much. The spaghetti tart itself made us really, really full. I only forced myself to eat my share of cuchinta and siomai. Basically, what I had was my brunch for the day. Mico and I separated ways feeling stuffed and satisfied. She even got to bring home the food that we weren't able to eat anymore. We were just too full to have another bite.

I love Carmela because of how they could sell good food at affordable prices. I try to be as frugal as possible so I become really happy when I find a food joint that's like that. Places like this are hard to find because cheap prices usually mean commercialized goods. That's not the case with Carmela, so I commend them for that.

If you haven't been there, they're located at Estrada Street, Tetuan. :) (Tetuan has a lot of good food places, huh? I envy those who live there.)

Note: Sorry for the low quality photos. I only used my cellphone's camera.


  1. Oh I love spaghetti tarts! Great blog...I'm your newest follower.


  2. Really? So maybe they aren't as uncommon as I thought they were. Thanks for following, returned the favor. :)

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  4. Yummy foooods! I'd love to try the spaghetti tart!

  5. @gelaikuting: It's definitely worth trying. :)


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