August 26, 2012

Chocolate Chunk Oatmeal Cookies

This is a recipe I posted as a lame attempt of starting a food blog last year. This was the only post I was able to create. Anyway, I'm posting this here because I was supposed to start a weekly feature of my blog which I like to call Foodie Weekend. I'll be posting recipes that I've tried along with some photos of the goodies I made. Expect a lot of pastries because that's all I'm good at. My first entry was supposed to be on my Ultimate Brownies, but our oven isn't working well. I don't wanna risk starting a fire in our house while my parents are away, so I guess we'll have to wait until next week.

Whenever I decide to bake something, it's mostly because I have nothing to do. I can't stay idle for a long time because I get bored easily. Last Saturday was one of those this-boredom-is-killing-me days. If you're familiar with the site, Tumblr, you'll know that you're frequently exposed to photos of delicious food. The most common photos are that of Chocolate Chip Cookies. Since I was too lazy to stop by the local baking goods store, I didn't have any chocolate chips. I decided to use Ricoa Flat Tops instead. I grew fond of those little treats because of a classmate of mine. When we hung out at her boarding house, she offered us some. I fell in love. I thought, I definitely need to put this in a cookie!It's inexpensive and it tastes good, so why not?

That's the story behind this recipe:

Chocolate Chunk Oatmeal Cookies

yields 38 cookies 

1 cup butter (softened)
3/4 cup white sugar
1/4 cup brown sugar
1 egg
1 teaspoon vanilla extract
2 cups all-purpose flour
1/2 baking powder
1/2 baking soda
1 cup Ricoa Flat Tops (chopped)
1 cup quick cooking oatmeal

1. In a bowl, sift flour, baking powder and soda together. Afterwards, pour in oatmeal. Mix well.
2. Cream butter in a mixing bowl. Add sugar. When well blended, add egg and vanilla.
3. Slowly stir in flour mixture into the mixing bowl. Blend well, then add the chopped chocolate.
4. On an ungreased cookie sheet, place one tablespoon of dough. Leave an inch or so of space in between each cookie dough. Flatten the dough with a spoon.
5. Bake for about 15-20 minutes or until the edges of the cookies turn golden brown.

Notes: I don't have an oven thermometer, so I can't specify the temperature of the oven. The heat was set a notch above low though.


  1. Yum, I love anything with chocolate :) These look great! Saw your post on blogaholic and following you by email now. I look forward to your future posts!

  2. Thank you so much for the follow! :) I hope you won't mind my random posts in between the recipes. I'll return the favor. If you want, we can also exchange links. :)


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