August 28, 2012

Dee's Fish N' Chips


My upbeat morning slowly transitioned to a boring afternoon today. Why? Something was wrong with our internet connection so I was suffering from boredom right until I decided to do my own troubleshooting. In order to distract myself, I decided to do what I did best: eat. After looking through Dee's Fish N' Chips Facebook page with a grumbling tummy, I decided to have something delivered. Their minimum order is P150, so I had no choice but to order their family sized fish and chips meal. I made my order through SMS and I found it really cool that you could have something delivered through text. Excuse my ignorance. It was my first time to do so. I also found it convenient because you could contact them even if you didn't have a telephone.

Anyway,  their contact person was quick to reply. He/She told me that they were already cooking my order. This little update somehow made me think, "Wow! That was fast!" To add to that, their delivery man arrived at our house right away. I didn't even have to wait so long. I was really surprised when I suddenly heard someone knocking on our gate.

I found myself looking at the generous amount of fish and chips while thinking that it would be a total waste if I didn't finish it all. I was home alone and everyone was scheduled to come home late. I started munching the food and for some reason, I couldn't stop. It was really good. The chips, which were more like mojos that were cut lengthwise, went really well with the crispy strips of fish. They were a great combination. Also, I made use of the mayo-based dip that they provided me with. I think they had two varieties: plain and spicy. I mixed them up before dipping. What made me sad was I have already ran of the dip before I finished everything. I liked the way it gave some sort of "kick" to the fried goodies.

Overall, I was pretty satisfied because of their affordable prices, speedy delivery and tasty food. The next time my whole family is home, I'll make sure we give Dee's a call for our fix of fish and chips. I'd definitely get a couple of orders if I had friends over as well. I'm sure they would be the perfect snack during a movie marathon. Also, once I get to visit their place again, (I've been there with some friends before) I'd love to try their new Hungarian sausage dish and french toast. Dee's isn't your usual food joint because it's situated right in front of the proprietor's (if I'm not mistaken) house. The place gives off a homey feel because of that.

Feel like giving Dee's a try? Visit them at Don Toribio Street, Tetuan, Zamboanga City. Their place is a short distance behind Sweet Home Suite/Silver Spoon. You can also contact them through 926-5930 or 09287920674.

And if you're feeling adventurous, don't forget to try their Chili Cheese Sticks, even just for the experience. :)

Source: Dee's FB Page


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