September 14, 2012

A day in the life of a Comm student

I had to take on many roles today: a regular student attending classes, a researcher doing her thesis, and a participant at a seminar. Although I'm beyond exhausted, I thoroughly enjoyed my day because I got to be in the presence of some talented journalists behind the social news network, Rappler.

A not-so-good photo of Josh Villanueva and me.
Every speaker had a natural flair at giving talks. I was so amazed at the way they delivered their speeches. They were conversational and fun unlike the usual seminars that some of us are used to. What caught my attention the most was how articulate they all were and how they could easily channel their ideas into words. I'm more than inspired. It somehow makes me regret that I did not take the opportunity to have my OJT with them during the summer. My classmates and I actually received e-mails from Rappler, but it was too late since we were already having our OJT elsewhere. Oh, well.

Maria Ressa, Chay Hofileña, Josh Villanueva, Ayee Macaraig and Patricia Evangelista and the rest
of the Rappler team with the Masscom department.
Another thing that I should highlight is the way they were all so nice and down to earth. They were approachable and game, too. I have to mention Ms. Chay Hofileña, of course, because she entertained my classmates and I when we asked her if they could feature an article on Akay Kalinga, a center for street children, on their site. I'm crossing my fingers that the article actually gets posted. It would be a great help for our advocacy of letting the masses know of the existence of this non-government organization.

In case you're wondering, we are trying to help out Akay Kalinga in line with our requirements in our Development Communication subject. Basically, we are trying to help them achieve two things: to inform everyone about the organization and to gain benefactors.

In line with that, I will soon be making a request to everyone who reads this blog, especially the ones who have their own. My classmates and I will be launching a project soon. It'll basically be about getting the word out about Akay Kalinga through blogging. If you're interested in helping out the less fortunate and putting a smile on a kid's face, stay tuned.

Follow them on Twitter: @AkayKalingaZC or like them on Facebook.


  1. I was there too. :)Had fun listening to Michael Josh. Too bad that I didn't have enough time to listen to all the speakers. Nonetheless, it was worth the 'takas' at work. HAHA

    1. Hmm. Maybe I saw you there. I'm sure it was. Hehe. It's a once in a lifetime experience.

  2. I agree, I love how they delivered their speeches and told stories. And I believe we're in the perfect course to change the world. (:

    1. Definitely. Let's start making a difference as early as now. ;D


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