September 03, 2012

All we do is eat

If there's one thing that keeps my circle of friends together, it's our love for food. Even our get-togethers are centered on it. We usually plan spur of the moment dates just because one or all of us happened to be craving for a particular dessert or street food. Today was just like any of those days. Before we decided to go our separate ways to do school work, we agreed to visit Dee's Fish n' Chips for lunch. (It's really starting to become our favorite place to hang out in.)

I'd love to share photos of what I ate while we were there, which included their Bicol express and student size fish and chips, but I was stuck once again with my 2MP cellphone camera. I want to give the dishes justice because they were really good. The fish and chips was so addicting, as usual. I had to stop myself from ordering for more.

Anyway, we ended the day in Antonio's. My friends decided to travel almost seven kilometers away from the city just to savor their famous buko pie. To those who aren't familiar with our local tongue, it's basically  just coconut pie. Aside from another well-known bakery here in the city, Antonio's is my favorite place to go to when I'm craving for buko pie. Theirs is just everything a pie should be. It has that fluffy meringue on top, a tasty crust and a scrumptious filling. I tend to be picky with pies because of the crust. Often times, bakers make this mistake of neglecting their crust because they think that a yummy filling would suffice. Believe me, a dry and tasteless crust can ruin a perfectly good filling. What's the point anyway, if people would just put the crust aside after eating the rest of the pie?

Antonio's buko pie
Though I was already full after finishing my slice, my friends did not seem to be satisfied. After seeing that they had peach cobblers in the chiller, they immediately wanted to try them out. I didn't order my own, but my ever generous friend Xeng was kind enough to share with me half of hers.

Peach cobbler
It tasted like mango float. The only difference, I guess, was the fruit. It was good though, since it wasn't overly sweet. I always thought desserts shouldn't be too sweet to the point that it makes you feel that you've had enough already, even just after a few spoonfuls. This, on the other hand, was just right. :)

Note: I heard that their buko pie is now available at Zamboanga's airport. I guess that's good news for those who want to bring some back as pasalubong.


  1. Now I'm hungry! I totally miss eating buko pie :( Wish I could go home this year to satisfy all my Filipino food cravings :)

    - Gia (

    1. Aww. Then I hope you can come home soon. Where are you currently staying? :)


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