September 15, 2012

Blog for a Cause

If you've seen one of my latest posts, you'd know that my classmates and I are spending most of our free time in Akay Kalinga, a non-government organization that caters to the needs of street children. After sitting down with one of the staff, we were able to come up with two objectives for our Development Communication plan: to inform people about the organization and to gain benefactors. With these goals in mind, we came up with a few projects that might help us. One of them is launching a "blog for a cause" campaign.

It's very simple and you can help the kids out by merely blogging about Akay Kalinga. We urge bloggers to write even just a simple post with the following content:
  1. Stress the importance of helping out street children in your write-up.
  2. Provide a brief background of Akay Kalinga. This webpage can serve as your guide. Also, you may include photos from the center's Facebook page.
  3. Invite people to give donations in cash or in kind. To make a donation, get in touch with the center's staff through the Facebook page, through their e-mail address or through their telephone number. 
  4. Ask your readers to like Akay Kalinga's Facebook page and to follow the center's Twitter account. (@AkayKalingaZC)
  5. Also, please include the center's contact information:
    • Email:
    • Telephone: (062) 990-1854
    • Address: 76 Varela Street, Zone 1, Zamboanga City, Philippines
    Important! Due to the organization's child protection policy, all photos with the children were pulled out from the Facebook page and this blog. If you have a photo of the kids on your blog, kindly remove it. Sorry for the inconvenience.

    A short blog post could go a long way. We believe that utilizing the potentials of the blogosphere is a great way to encourage people to help out the kids. You'll never know, your post just might grab the attention of a potential benefactor. If you decide to help us in our advocacy, please leave a link to your post through commenting below.

    We may not be able to give you anything in return by helping us in this advocacy, but maybe the thought of being able to give back to the community and putting a smile on a child's face would be a reward in itself.

    Update 9/18/2012: We were able to discuss with the staff of the organization regarding what the Akay Kalinga "house" and the kids really need. For the reference of those who wish to send donations, here is the list:
    1. Beddings: blankets, pillows, mattresses (Happy Dreams Project)
    2. Kitchenware: plates, utensils, glasses, bowls
    3. School supplies: books, pencils, paper, crayons, notebooks
    4. Toiletries: soap, sanitary napkins, toilet paper, shampoo
    5. Others: clothes, raincoats, umbrellas, shoes, slippers, medicines

    For any inquiries, feel free to contact me on this page.

    Links to bloggers who have helped in our advocacy:


    1. too many people live in a place of comfort and peace.too many eat so well with lots of recipes served in their silvery plates.among us are having tight sleep because our airconditioned room gives us the feeling of not minding the noise outside.Yes, we are so healthy and blessed because we have home, we have loved ones and we have almost everything we call our- OWN!

      Because we have comfort we stay calm.Because we are in peace we prefer silence.We are too comfortable not minding those who don't have.As we eat indulgely with our fave food we rarely care those who are living beyond poverty.More often than not, we complain the taste of our mom's, if not our Yaya's culinary effects because we prefer more.We have so much expectations and less satisfaction.

      We always neglect those who never eat complete meal in a day. Those who just sleep under the Bridge with their tummy empty.Ever asked, are we sensitive enough as far as their health is concerned?

      think now and think is never too late if we open our hearts is the time to spread love and extend our hands to care.

      rise and shine for the sake of giving HOPE to our kids who live under the bridge.They who sleep on the sidewalk.they who don't have good clothing.

      let's share to them some knowledge on how to cope up. Tell them that to dream on is still healthy and the future still bound to be even brighter.

      we can never educate them with their tummy empty.proper, healthy food must be prioritized first.I believe it is the main concern.feed them well then educate them.

      let us share now.

      ever shattered with this; " I learned to give not because I have much, but because I know exactly how it feels to have nothing"

      -- Nhai Saradi

      1. Very meaningful and thought provoking. :) Thank you for this.

    2. You really inspired me,

      sana makatulong kahit papano..

    3. This inspires me to do my own. Thank you for sharing this :)

      1. We would really appreciate it if you help us by contributing a post. :) Thank you.

    4. :)


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