September 25, 2012

First Giveaway Coming Up

The product of my embarrassing Photoshop skills.

I've been meaning to have a giveaway, but I was sort of clueless on how to start my own. Thankfully, Jannieology was looking for some bloggers that wanted to collaborate for one. I decided to join because I had this feeling that if I didn't ask for help, my giveaway would be a disaster. Also, I don't think I have enough of a following to have my own.

Anyway, this post was made to give my readers a heads up. I think we will be launching this on October 1st. Don't forget to join, okay? I'll be adding more prizes aside from the ones above. Though I attempted at making teasers, I think the prizes are pretty obvious. Anyway, take this as my way of saying thanks to all of you. It's also my way of celebrating this blog's existence. It officially turned a month old on the 20th. I didn't even notice!

If this first giveaway turns out as a success, I might be having my own soon. :) I already have a theme in mind, so I'm excited to actually put it into action.

Stay safe everyone! The rain's been pretty heavy here in Zamboanga. Help out by giving in donations for the people who had to evacuate from their respective homes. Here are some posts from Facebook that are worth reading and sharing. Maybe they can stand as guides for those who wish to give donations.

"The continuous pour of rain over the weekend has caused flooding to a lot of barangays in the city. Along with the damage to properties, numerous families have also been forced to evacuate. It is in this light that we are appealing to you for donations-both CASH and IN KIND (canned goods; mineral water; new undergarments;hygiene kits;including bath soaps,detergents,and the like; blankets; infant needs such as diapers,mats & clothing). You may drop these at the AdZU Brebeuf gym, Fr. Eusebio Salvador,SJ campus. We would only be accepting donations until Wednesday (Sept26, 5pm). For further details, you may contact SACSI Office: 991-0871 local 2224/2225. Thank you very much for your generosity. Ad Majorem de Gloriam."

"Most of Vitali parish residents who were evacuated from the flood are now taking shelter at the parish church. We were informed that they badly need food and other important provisions ( clothing, potable water, medicines ) since the provided supply is already running out. Let us please do our share as diocese. Send your donations to Social Action Apostolate Office at the Centro Pastoral, Puerto del Sol, Gov. Camins Ave. Zamboanga City."

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