September 22, 2012

Happy Dreams Project

Another Akay Kalinga-related campaign

What's your idea of the perfect bedroom? Probably, you'd think of one spacious room all to yourself. It would contain all your belongings, your personal collections (be it books, CDs or whatnot) and of course, a comfy bed that you could call your own. Bedrooms are like our little sanctuaries when we're feeling tired or just simply want to be alone for a while. Some of us might not even be contented with what we have. To some, our beds might be too small or our rooms aren't big enough. We probably often overlook this fact, but actually, most of us are quite lucky to be able to sleep soundly in a comfortable setting.

In the Akay Kalinga house, two rooms serve as the sleeping quarters of the children. There is one room for the boys and another for the girls. Apart from closets, the only things you can see in their rooms are the sets of double deck beds cramped so close together. Unfortunately, some of the beds do not have their own mattresses, but even if they do, they are a bit tattered and aged. Some of the kids have blankets, but they are sometimes too short or thin to the point that you'd wonder how they could sleep through cold nights. It's because of this that we decided to start the Happy Dreams Project, a campaign that aims to collect new or used (yet still in good condition) beddings for the children. Every kid deserves to sleep comfortably. If not, how else can they get the adequate sleep that their growing bodies need?

If it were only feasible, we would aim to provide night lamps and maybe electric fans for the rooms as well, but we want to start with the essentials. Help us in this campaign by donating mattresses, pillows and blankets. Our goal for now is to get 20 of each. If you're interested in donating the beddings themselves or providing the funds needed to purchase them, you may message me through this page or contact the org through any of the means below:

  • Facebook
  • Twitter: @AkayKalingaZC
  • Email:
  • Telephone:  (062) 990-1854
Donations can be sent directly to the org's address:
Akay Kalinga
76 Varela Street, Zone 1,
Zamboanga City, Philippines

Mattress size: Single (39" x 75")
Pillow size: Standard (20" X 26")

For those who want to donate through monetary means, instead of the items themselves, here's a price guide:
Brand new pillow: P150
Brand new blanket: P120

Help us reach our goal!

Mattresses: 0/20        Pillows: 0/20          Blankets: 0/20


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