September 07, 2012

Of food trips and surprises

I wasn't enthusiastic about this day when I woke up. Who would be when you have to force yourself to get out of bed so early in the morning, right? I was expecting today to be boring, but to my surprise, a couple of interesting things happened.

Typical Davao pasalubong.

The treats you see in the photo are "rewards" from my teacher for actually doing good in our English midterm exam. I'm really, really shocked about it because I was close to being brain-dead during the day of the exam because I had three that I needed to take. I barely had enough sleep the night before, so you can just imagine how much I struggled throughout the day whilst recalling lessons from three different subjects. The news that I did well stunned me for a while, but it also made me so happy. Also, I was surprised by my teacher's thoughtfulness. He actually thought of his students while he was away. Aww!

Big Bite's Barkada Burger
Another reason why I somehow enjoyed this day was because I was finally able to try that huge burger from Big Bite. My curiosity has been eating me up for so long already since I've heard about it numerous times from different people.

The verdict? My friends and I actually thought that it was smaller than we expected it to be. I think we were wrong to think that because we weren't able to finish it all in the end. In case you're curious, there were four of us. If you ask me, the burger wasn't that good. I don't think I'll ever order it again. It makes you full right away and it tasted ordinary. Don't get me wrong, it didn't taste bad either. I just feel that it's something you won't crave for after you leave the restaurant. Of course, I can't say the same thing about their fries because I loved them. Even if I gave up on eating my share of the burger, I couldn't stop popping the fries in my mouth. If I go back there, I'm limiting my order to their mojos and fries.

I'm glad this day bordered on the pleasant side. What a way to welcome the weekend. Hoping for more good vibes! :)


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  2. yay! havent tried there burger sis! makapunta nga.. :) haha

    1. Try it with friends, even just for the experience of eating a biiiig burger. :))

  3. Same here, it tasted sooooooo ordinary. haha. nothings special, just the fries i think. :)


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