September 05, 2012

On birthday surprises

I love surprises. I'm not quite sure how or when my fascination for them started. What I do know is I enjoy the planning stage the most. I get really excited whenever I have to think of a creative and unique way to make someone feel special. In my mind, I'd be visualizing the look on that person's face once they receive their gift. It makes the process all the more enjoyable and worthwhile.

Ever since my boyfriend and I got together, I've been trying to think of nice ways to surprise him on his birthday. My first birthday gift to him, which he considers his favorite, was a diary. I think I got that idea from   Jerry Spinelli's Star Girl and Nicholas Sparks' The Notebook. I basically just wrote entries everyday for a month. The diary was filled with things I couldn't say to him out loud. My second surprise to him was a video of some of our high school classmates. Back then, I was testing out my new DSLR while practicing the Adobe Premiere tricks I learned from our Audio and Video Editing classes.

I've always felt a need to top every gift I gave him in the past. It's getting more of a challenge since I'm running out of ideas. It took me a month to plan for my gift to him this year. Out of all of the gifts I've given him, this year's was probably the trickiest because I had to do the one thing I dreaded the most: talking to people. If you've been following my previous entries, you'd know that I prepared a three-part surprise for him.

The first part consisted of the usual present and letter. I have to admit that my gift is a little boring since I've given him shirts numerous times. I just like to think that this one's special since it's yellow, his favorite color. He knows how much I don't like the color yellow. (I don't know why I do. I'm just weird that way.) Back in high school, he was known for always wearing yellow shirts. Ever since we got together though, he has tried his best to avoid wearing it even if more than half of his wardrobe is probably yellow. He was even shocked when he received the shirt because he remembered that I once promised myself to never buy him a yellow shirt. Well, I guess some promises were made to be broken.

The card I sent him was based off a tutorial I found on the internet. It seemed really simple and cute so I opted to do it. I placed little notes from our high school classmates in the card. It took some guts for me to ask them such a favor because I'm just so socially awkward. I get really shy whenever I have to ask people favors, you see.

I'd like to think I did a great job even if I'm not an artsy
kind of person.
The second part of his surprise was probably one of the weirdest things I had to do. I stalked his Facebook timeline to find someone he usually exchanges comments with and added that person. The guy was one of his close friends in UPLB. We were complete strangers to each other. It was so awkward to ask a favor from someone I barely knew. At first I thought he wouldn't agree to my plan, but fortunately, he turned out to be really helpful and kind. He even gave me an idea of Noel's reaction when they finally gave him the cake. Thank you, Alfonso! :)

The third and last part of his surprise was a blog entry that I wrote on the morning of his birthday. It was supposed to be my way of making up for the short letter I sent him in the mail.

Overall, I think my plans were carried out well even if JRS decided to ruin it all by delaying the delivery of my package. I was able to accomplish my goal of making him feel loved on his birthday. I'm not looking forward to next year yet because this year's surprise will be harder to beat compared to the rest.

Note: I was supposed to write this entry a few days after his birthday, but I totally forgot about it.


  1. Oh-my! That card is so cute. Imma try doing it. HAHA Hindi naman patented yan diba? lol

  2. Go. Simple lang siya. Check the tutorial. Hehe. :)

  3. wow!.. i should try that tutorial, too! simple things but creatively done are much appreciated by our love ones :)

    1. True. Gifts made by hand are always better since you leave your own personal touch on them. :)

  4. Yay! Super romantic ♥ That's love eh! Making every surprises happy memories :3

  5. What a sweet gift! I bet he loved it! <3
    I love the idea of writing down the things every day and presenting it to him..
    New follower..
    Found you on blogaholics network :)
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    1. Sorry, I dont know why it didnt show up as the link to my blog..
      Books and Beyond

    2. Thank you! He did, actually. :D I'm also following you.

  6. How sweet of you to surprise him. :)


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