September 19, 2012

Shop Spotlight: Jhaynelle30's Online Store

Shop Background

 Jhaynelle30 comes out unique because it stands out among all the other online stores with generic names that have words like “beauty” or “fashion” tagged to them. Instead of following everyone else’s lead, the owners thought of a somewhat romantic way of naming the store. Jhaynelle30 is actually a combination of the names of its owners: Nelle and Jhay-r. If you haven’t already guessed, the numerical component of their store name is actually their anniversary date. Sweet, right?

Their online store offers products like korean apparels, bags, wallets, shoes and fashion accessories. They also have additional services like the creation of logos, receipts, business cards and even Facebook page layouts.

Featured Product

The newest addition to their product line up is ombre/dye shorts. If you frequent sites like Tumblr or Pinterest, you’d encounter a lot of things that are ombre, from hair colors to painted nails. Ombre has something to do with colors and the way they are graduated in tone. Anything that’s ombre tends to get a lot of hype because it’s something out of the ordinary. They somehow add spice to a mundane object. In this case, Jhaynelle30 decided to give a pair of shorts a touch of ombre.

            The idea of these shorts was the product of Nelle’s passion for designing and creating things. After watching some tutorials online and seeing similar shorts on sale, she finally had the inspiration she needed to make her own.

            If you’re interested in rocking one of Nelle's unique creations, you may visit Jhaynelle30’s online store on Facebook.

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