September 10, 2012

Trying out Avon's Simply Pretty line

Often times, I'd like to think that I'm a thrifty kind of person. I can't just splurge on anything I want because half of my allowance automatically goes to my monthly postpaid plan bills. I have somehow learned to control myself when it comes to spending money, but like all people, I sometimes buy things on impulse. This serves as proof to my claim:

I'm not into make up, but lately, I've been having this tendency to buy some even if I don't use them a lot. My eccentric brain comes up with reasons like "This will definitely come in handy in the future!". Looking at my humble collection of make up items, I think the ones that I buy in excess are lipsticks and lip gloss. One of these days, I'll definitely show them to everyone. After all, most of them do nothing but sit around our house, waiting for my next night out. (They come up rarely, by the way.)

 I accompanied my friend to Avon today to pick up the orders of her clients. It was my first time there. All of the people and the products made me feel really confused at first, but after a while, I also got a little excited. It's a good thing I didn't end up buying more than I planned. I picked up Avon's Simply Pretty Fresh Radiance Gel Foundation in Natural and their Colorbliss Lipstick in Pampering Pink. I got the foundation because I thought it was time for me to have one. Yes, it's actually my first foundation. (Alright, some of you might think I'm lame because of that. Haha!)

On the other hand, I decided to get another lipstick because the ones that I've bought in the past did not really work for me. (Or maybe I'm just obsessed with buying lip products.) Anyway, I always had issues with my lipsticks. Some of them were too bold while others were too light. Fortunately, my newest purchase isn't a disappointment. I'm actually considering using it every day because the color is cute but subtle.

A noob's attempt at making swatches.
It's creamy and light on the lips. So far, it hasn't made my lips dry. Other lipsticks have that negative effect on me. I'm crossing my fingers that the foundation won't disappoint as well. I'll keep everyone posted on how that turns out.

Note: Just in case anyone is curious, the gel foundation costs P159 while the lipstick costs P109.

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  1. It was my mom who introduced AVON :) I love their simply pretty lippies, the Plum one.

    Btw, I saw you through BSN, please check my site too and hoping you could follow mine :) Thank you dear!


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