November 05, 2012

Anne's Cupcake Corner + Giveaway Teaser

The other day, Mom and Dad happened to pass by Veterans Avenue and were able to see that a new cakeshop has opened recently. The place is pretty spacious. Because of the lack of tables and chairs, it looked a bit empty when N and I walked in. Sadly, they weren't serving their cakes by slices yet and they didn't have any drinks. I really think they should follow Myrna's lead by making use of all of that space. I think it would make a great cafe. :tup

Anyway, the cakeshop's name is not exactly "new" because it's something visible in town. If you're an Atenean, surely, you've turned to Cakes! whenever you're in need of a surprise for your classmate or loved one on their special day. I myself have given out their cakes/rolls as gifts, but I never got to try them myself. What I can recommend to everyone is their Sansrival or their Sylvanas(?), but I digress. I'll save those for another post.

Top (L-R) Chocolate Fudge, Cafe Latte, Triple Chocolate
Bottom Choco Banana, Cookies & Cream, Rocky Road

I'm only 98% sure about the flavors, but I made intelligent guesses. ^_^ Anyway, I've been wondering how they actually tasted. I see these cupcakes on display a lot and also, they're commonly given as gifts around the campus. Some people told me that they aren't that good, so that was enough reason for me not to try them. Also, I do believe that the saying "Looks can be deceiving." can be applied to cakes and pastries as well. I was wrong though. They were good. They even got my Mom's approval. You can trust her since she has baked a lot in the past. Our favorite was the Triple Chocolate one. The frosting was good. It was chocolate-y enough while not being too sweet. Perfect! I'm not into frosting that's too sweet to the point that you wouldn't wanna have another bite after a while. The only one that's still untouched is the Cookies & Cream one. If I have to rank my favorites, it would go like this: Triple Chocolate, Cafe Latte, Choco Fudge, Rocky Road, Choco Banana.

Another thing that I'd like to announce is that I'll be co-hosting another giveaway soon. I dedicated part of my afternoon to look for items. Here's some of the accessories that I'll be raffling out:

P.S. I'd like to thank N for the cupcakes. You're the best. <3

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