December 05, 2012

December Update

I've been gone far too long. There's no other culprit but our bipolar internet connection. It's the price we had to pay for moving on such short notice. Anyway, today is a cause for celebration since we had our DSL connection transferred. Hooray! ^_^ I know it's probably too late, but here are the winners of our Hohoho Pre-holiday Giveaway:

Please contact Ate Jannie for your prizes at and type in "Hohoho Winner" in the subject line. Anyway, as for my life, our university is currently celebrating it's centennial fiesta. I've been really stressed out so I decided to stay at home yesterday and today. The rain caused by Pablo is another factor to my laziness. Before today, I could say I was productive. Our class was tasked to look for companies who were willing to avail of our advertising packages during the Ateneo Fiesta. Our group snagged 3 advertisers and as a class, we almost reached double of our quota.

If you were around during the Showchoir Competition, you probably noticed a TV there that was playing ads. We were behind that. Thankfully, everything went smoothly. Most of my time was spent shooting with Mico and Xeng and pestering our editor, Ian, to finish the ads. Though all the stress wore me out, the free food that we got made up for it all. We were lucky that one of our advertisers were very generous when it came to that.

I realized that I barely took any pictures of the festivities. I guess I'm just plain lazy that way. We get so caught up in what we're doing that we sometimes forget to have fun. It's a Comm student thing, I guess. Atfest is like a break for everyone else while our department is spread thin with work. I'm not complaining though. It's (hopefully) my last year and I'll surely miss all of this.

Anyway, if you're curious about our ads, watch out for them during the College Night and Alumni Night as well. :) 

Also, I'd like to thank Jannieology for these cute prizes. It's the second straight giveaway that I won and it made me so happy. I am in love with that Wet n' Wild lipstick. I was equally enchanted with that cute cupcake necklace, but I lost the pendant during my day of duty for the Atfest. I only got to use it for a day and a half. :( 

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