February 15, 2013

Heart's Day 2013

Honestly, I really wasn't looking forward to Valentine's Day because I was going to have my thesis defense the following day. I was really moody and robotic as well because I was on house arrest for two weeks due to my doctor's recommendation. If you read an earlier post of mine, I was hospitalized because of dengue. Even with a foul mood, I couldn't bring myself to say no to a night of food.

Notice how they misspelled Mom's name.
Free chocolate!
Yet again, my Mom opted to have our family dinner at Garden Orchid Hotel again since it's been a while since we spent Valentine's there. As expected, the place was packed. Mom told me that it's convenient to make reservations in advance on days like Valentine's because of the amount of people that want to celebrate the special day as well. She actually was speaking from experience because she and Dad once had to go from one restaurant to another just to be able to have their Valentine's dinner.


I enjoyed the food. I'm not especially picky nowadays for some reason, but I definitely stuffed myself with a lot of food that night. What intrigued me the most were the desserts. I wasn't able to take a photo of the dessert table, but it looked like every person with a sweet tooth's heaven to me. My favorite would have to be the strawberry mousse. Apart from the fact that it looked so pretty, it also tasted good.

Of course, the night wouldn't be complete without a few photos. Only three of us were present since Dad had to stay at home to babysit my youngest brother. I'm glad I spent the night with my brother and Mom. It lifted up my mood so much that I became determined to prepare for my thesis with optimism right after. P.S. I passed my thesis defense. :e

Michemm and Mom.

I used Valentine's as an excuse to wear
this skirt from The Dollhouse. I'm smitten.
To everyone who dreads Valentine's Day, instead of being so negative about it, why don't you try to enjoy it by making someone else happy? Valentine's isn't exclusively for couples, it's a day to celebrate love. One way to enjoy it is to spend it with family. Give them little presents or notes. Show them some love. I'm pretty sure you'll gain happiness by making someone else smile. I don't have a decent photo of the presents I gave each of my family members, but my day was brightened when I saw that they were happy with what they received.

Of course, I'd also like to thank the one person who went out of his way to cheer me up even if I've been such a difficult person to deal with lately. Despite the distance, he still made an effort to make Valentine's extra special for me. Thank you, N. <3


  1. Beautiful Valentine's Day especially after just recovering! I like the Strawberry mousse!

  2. Awwww, that's so sweet of your boyfriend? ",

  3. Congrats for passing your thesis! Nothing beats the company of family... I hope your dad and your youngest brother can tow along with you next time :)

    1. Thank you! Actually, they used to be able to tag along when my brother was younger. Now that he's older, he seems to not be able to stay in one place. XD

  4. we skipped Garden Orchid because the hubby didnt make any reservations (i didnt know he had plans to have dinner outside during that day because we usually dont go out on the day that everybody in town's out too).... but yeah those deserts really look great!!! :-)

    and congrats for the thesis too!!! what course are you taking btw?


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