March 15, 2013

Finally, a happy mail day!

In a perfect world, I'd be greeted by a couple of postcards and letters in my mailbox when I least expect it. I'd either collect these little gifts from friends and acquaintances all around the world every morning before I head out or when I finally come home after a long day. The time of day wouldn't really matter though. The joy of receiving something pleasant unexpectedly transcends that.

Unfortunately, Philpost has deprived me of such an experience. I'll try not to dwell on the negatives because everyone is well-aware of the follies of our local courier service. Instead, I'm going to thank my Dad for volunteering to collect my mail for me at the post office. I didn't even have to ask. You're the best, Dad.

This neat little pile of postcards greeted me when I arrived home yesterday. Though I did not get to find them in my mailbox like a normal "snail mailer" would, I was still delighted at the sight of them. I've been expecting them for so long. Most of the postcards were from direct swaps. Majority of them where from the USA. Although I appreciate each and everyone of them, I had my favorites. One would be the Moomin card from Finland. Almira, the sender, offered this card to me while I was doing swaps on the Postcrossing forum. Moomin cards seemed to be a favorite of most Postcrossers, so I was instantly curious about them.

The Moomin card is the one on the lower right.
Another favorite of mine would be one of my first Postcrossing cards. It came with a fun message that claimed that Isaac, the sender, was the man riding the lake monster in the picture. It was drawn by a friend of his. I really liked this card in particular because it's the first self-made one that I've ever received. The other Postcrossing card that I received came from Canada. It features a painting of a bird called Lazuli Bunting.

Another thing that I enjoyed about the cards is the stamps that came with them. I love the way you somehow get a glimpse of the culture of a country through their postage stamps. It makes me realize why people get hooked on collecting them. They're also so pretty to look at!

L-R: Stamp from Poland, USA, Findland and Canada.
Also, I finally got my letter from Conny. She's from Las Vegas. On my other blog, I started a little project called the 12-Month Swap. It stands as a precaution for me because I know that my short attention span would  probably make me lose interest in snail mail as months go by. With it, I'll always be obligated to send out one letter every month for a year. Luckily, I'm still very enthusiastic about snail mail even if Philpost isn't cooperating with me.

Conny was really generous with her part of the swap. She sent me mini Cinderella-inspired cards, a cute set of stickers, some stationery, coins from the USA and a Las Vegas postcard. She wrote to me in a Wizard of Oz card. (She said that she was a fan.) I'm grateful for everything she sent to me. She wasn't kidding when she said that she worked hard on this.

Getting these really made my day. I might not need to worry about losing interest in snail mail for now. Just looking at my small collection gives me the inspiration to reach out to more people and more countries. I hope this post will somehow inspire others to do the same, especially my fellow Filipinos. Let's prevent handwritten missives from getting obsolete. Although we have mobile phones and of course, the internet, let's not forget the beauty of conveying our feelings through paper and pen. :)

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