March 31, 2013

Hair Extension Care Tips

Since I made an earlier post about hair extensions, I think it’s only fitting to also dedicate one that talks about how to care for them. After all, who would want their new set of hair extensions to go to waste? Avoid any unwanted disasters like tangles and matted hair by taking note of the following hair extension tips:

  • Handle them with care. Gently brush your hair with a soft-bristled brush if not with one that’s especially made for hair extensions. Avoid brushing too roughly as doing so will lead to damage.
  • Avoid heat as much as possible. Hair irons and blowdryers should be used at a minimum because prolonged heat exposure is detrimental to your hair extensions. Dry your hair naturally. If you really need to blowdry your hair, do so at a low setting.
  • Important note: This is only applicable to human hair extensions. Other synthetic varieties should never be exposed to hair irons.
  • Before washing your hair, make sure to gently brush out the tangles. Use a mild shampoo. If you’re unsure of what variety to use, ask your local hairstylist. Don’t forget to apply conditioner afterwards. It’s also important to note that you must wash your hair after exercising or swimming. This way, you can avoid getting tangles due to the accumulation of dirt and sweat.
  • Also, avoid sleeping with wet hair. Allow it to dry naturally before going to bed. Tangles can be avoided by gently tying your hair.
  • Lastly, do not have your hair permed or colored. Avoid any chemical-related process for that matter. Before going through with any treatments, ask your local stylist for he/she would know best.

Cheap human hair extensions can be purchased online. There are a variety of choices – from clip ons to Brazilian hair. All it takes is a little bit of browsing and you’ll surely find the type of hair extensions that will suit your needs. You can look at my previous post for the link to another site that sells them. If you would like to share your own hair extension tips, feel free to do so through the comments section.

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