March 29, 2013

The Boracay Escapade

To most people, I may seem to live the uninteresting and boring life of an introvert. I'd rather spend the day at home while reading a good book than go out to party. Also, I'm not the most sociable human being you'd ever meet. This is why I'm thankful I met the Fourevahs, my college classmates. They never failed at adding adventure to my life. Graduation came and went, hence, we may not get to see each other as much as before. This is why we savored every moment of our Boracay trip - three days and two nights of unforgettable experiences and beautiful memories.

Waiting for the check-in counters to open at Mactan International Airport.

What we did

Aside from swimming in the famous crystal-clear waters of Boracay (even if the shore was infested with algae) and strolling through each station, we engaged in some other activities. We needed to make the most out of our stay, after all.

First, we went helmet diving. I was terrified at the idea of placing a 25-kilo helmet on my head and allowing myself to go down to the ocean floor. I'm not a swimmer, so I panicked a bit before dipping into the water. I realized it wasn't so bad since divers were around to assist you as you made your way down. Also, the helmet's weight falls to two kilos once you're in the water, so you're free to move around as much as you like when your feet touch the ocean floor. It's also pressurized, so you won't have to worry about water getting into your nose. It was really fun because we got to see the fish up close and we even got to feed them.

We had no idea we'd be screaming our lungs out in the next few seconds.
Right after helmet diving, we were taken to the flyfish area. I like to think of it as the extreme version of the banana boat. The two work similarly, but I think going flyfishing is more exciting. I seriously had to hold on for dear life while we were being dragged by a speed boat. Most of us ended up in the water because it's really easy to slip and fall. The ones who fell said it was actually fun, but some of us did not dare let go. It goes without saying that this ride got us all screaming and cursing. I'm glad I survived through this activity, but I definitely won't dare do it again.

During our last day, we went island hopping. The boat ride was a lot more interesting thanks to the big waves that would catch us by surprise from time to time. Also, the view was great. Another bonus would be the opportunity to go snorkeling. We went to two areas. The first one was a bit boring because there wasn't much to see. We had the most fun along Crocodile Island where there were schools of fish of different colors and sizes. It made me regret that we didn't bring along some bread to feed them. The corals wowed us as well, but we began to stray away from them because of low tide. They were nice to look at, but we didn't feel the same way when our feet started touching their slimy surfaces.

There were a lot of other activities to choose from, but we didn't have the time and resources to try all of them. That doesn't mean we didn't have the time of our lives though.

What we ate

This post would not be complete without a part that's dedicated to our gastronomical endeavors. When it came to food, the options seemed endless. The only thing that was constrained by a limit was our budgets. One of our first meals was at Mesa.

Chicken Barbeque
Beef 2 Ways
Fried leche flan.
Our favorite dish would have to be Beef 2 Ways. It's described by their menu as "beef chunks stewed in coconut and spices served in 2 ways". We liked the one on the right the most. It tasted like honey mustard, but I can never be too sure because I'm no cook. For dessert, I decided to try their fried leche flan. It piqued my curiosity because I've never heard of it before. It was really good, but it also got me wondering how they actually prepared it.

Kevin's Bacon
French Toast
We stayed at a place called Island Nook. Save for that one time when they turned our orders down because of problems in the kitchen, I'm really thankful that we chose to stay there. They make really good breakfast. The best part? It's free. Aside from perking us up every morning, the free breakfast also helped us save a lot of money. They come with complementary drinks. You can choose from coffee, iced tea or orange juice.

Also, I was really prone to excessive snacking. Here are some of the foods that I tried for the first time. 

Cocoa with Rock Salt and Cheese from Share Tea.
Melona ice cream.
Triple X burger from Bite Club Grilled Burgers.

The most notable snack of all would have to be Mochiko. My favorite flavors would have to be Oreos and Milk and Cookie Dough. I fell in love the moment I sank my teeth into my first one. After that, I just couldn't stop craving for more. It's a must-try for ice cream lovers. I'm definitely hunting down a branch the next time I go out of town.

Panorama shot of the sunset in Boracay,
Overall, I think our trip was a success. Though our bodies ached because of all the activities and we always seemed sleep-deprived, it was all worth it. After all, we'd never get an opportunity to bond like this again, most especially in a beautiful setting like Boracay.

To Fourevah, I will never forget this trip. It's one of the best ones I had so far. I'm glad I spent time with the people who made my college life extra special. Even if we have to part ways now, I can always go back to the moments we shared in paradise. That will definitely put a smile on my face. Thanks for the memories, guys. Let's conquer the next chapter in our lives: the real world.

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