April 15, 2013

Post Graduation Vacation #2: Cebu City

If there's one city my family will never grow tired of visiting, it's the Queen City of the South. Ever since the first time we ever set foot in this city, we just fell in love. Although I've visited a number of places and would love to discover more, Cebu City will always have a special place in my heart. This is why I was glad when Mom told me to book tickets to this beautiful city.

What we did

My family is notoriously not fond of sightseeing. When I'm with them, I'm only limited to a few activities. We had the chance to see Cebu's tourist spots in the past though, so instead, we did what my Mom did best : shop. I firmly believe that shopping is therapeutic. Although I can't say that I'm a shopaholic, I do enjoy my share of shopping. I'm proud to say that I didn't go all out this time. There were a number of things I wanted to purchase, but I prevented myself from doing so.

Miraculously, I spared myself from bringing home heavy luggage due to my decision to purchase only two books. Well, destiny helped in this since the titles that I was looking for weren't available in Cebu. I went a little overboard on the postcards though. National Bookstore ones are a lot prettier than the ones here in Zamboanga, so I just couldn't resist. Notice that I brought home a lot of Tim Tam, too. If you haven't tasted one, you really should. They're heavenly, most especially the Chewy Caramel ones.

What we ate

 Apart from malling until our legs ached, we also made sure to eat our fill of good food. Mom and I share this sentiment of not skimping on food when traveling. Don't you think our taste buds deserve a little adventure, too?

Bon Chon Chicken
The obligatory Starbucks photo.

Sbarro: Mom's favorite!

The Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf at IT Park.
Crazy Crepes

In the Spotlight: Maitre Chocolatier

Since talking about each and everything we ate would be too tedious, I chose one out of all of them: Maitre Chocolatier. It's basically some sort of chocolate heaven that's tucked in the corner of Ayala Cebu's The Terraces. Everything on the menu must have some form of chocolate in it - even the pasta! I really liked the ambiance of the place itself, too. Apart from the pretty sight that their display of chocolates provide you with, it's really a nice place to relax in while treating your sweet tooth.

French Toast
As much as I wanted to try out their interesting dishes, I had to nurse my upset stomach. I couldn't overindulge. The crowning glory of the two dishes we ordered would be the chocolate dip. This decadently rich and thick sauce went well with everything they served us. I definitely made sure to use up all of mine. Trying this place out was the perfect way to end our trip.

P.S. I'd like to thank the best mother in the whole world for making this vacation possible. :)

By the way, I'm looking for sponsors or fellow bloggers who'd like to organize a giveaway with me. I have a few things from my Cebu trip that I'd like to giveaway. Let me know if you're interested through commenting below or by filling up my Contact Me form. Thank you!

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