May 24, 2013

43rd at Max's Restaurant

I know I recently expressed some negativity towards the counting of monthsaries, but there are times when N and I cannot help but follow the practice. We spend so much time apart, so whenever we get to be together on the 24th when he's at home, we almost always make it a point to celebrate. This time, we decided to head to Max's.

This particular restaurant used to be a family favorite when it newly opened here in Zamboanga a few years back. Even during our out of town trips in the past, it was always our restaurant of choice. Lately though, I haven't dined at Max's as much as I used to. This is why N and I decided to choose this restaurant instead of, let's say, Gerry's Grill. The latter can get really packed during peak hours and we didn't want that.

Another reason as to why we chose the place is their crispy pata. I never properly ate one, so this is basically my first time eating it. It's the kind of dish that N really enjoys, so even before we even met for lunch, I already knew he was excited to eat it. It was all right. I'm not sure how crispy pata's supposed to taste like, but I really think it was underseasoned.

I ordered pork binagoongan because it's one of my favorite dishes. One of the local restaurants here, Atoa, makes the best binagoongan. Unfortunately, Max's version pales in comparison.

The nilagang baka was the only dish that was served hot. Even so, just like the crispy pata, it also seemed underseasoned. I jokingly told N that they should've added a beef broth cube or something to amp up the flavor. To be honest, I've tasted better beef soup from cheaper establishments.

Max's saving grace would have to be the place itself and the staff. It wasn't crowded with people while we were there and we managed to get good seats. Also, their staff were all smiles so you'll feel really welcomed.

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