May 27, 2013

Mi Dulce Vida's Buttercream Cupcakes


As previously mentioned, N and I celebrated our monthsary a few days back. To top it all off, I decided to order cupcakes from Mi Dulce Vida. Aside from the fact that I thoroughly enjoyed the Red Velvet Brownie Cheesecake that I ordered from them in the past, their reasonable prices struck me. For a minimum of one dozen, you can get their buttercream cupcakes at P25 a piece. That's already an affordable price nowadays.

I really loved how simple yet pretty they were. I didn't give instructions for a special sort of decoration. After all, I was giving them to my boyfriend and not vice versa. He was pleased with my gift. In fact, the cupcakes didn't even last a day. They were gone the same day I gave them to him. N described the topping as similar to the filling we commonly find in sandwich cookies. For him, however, it was the cupcake itself that tasted really good. It was moist and fluffy, just how a proper cupcake should be.

I'm ordering from Mi Dulce Vida again really, really soon. This time, I might try their fondant creations. 

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