June 23, 2013

Love Rain Review

I was honestly debating about posting this on my blog, but I decided to give in since I've been lacking in updates anyway. Plus, this is relevant since ABS-CBN will be airing it. This review contains spoilers though. You've been warned.

I love rain. I love you.

I picked this drama up mostly because one of our local TV stations will be airing it starting tomorrow. I haven’t watched anything like this lately and all I do is bum around the house, so I thought, why not?


Love Rain focuses on the romance between the offspring of two estranged lovers. Typical plot, right? I was surprised that they dedicated a good chunk of the whole series to the backstory, actually.

We are introduced to the introverted In Ha, an art student who’s very skilled at painting. In just three seconds, he falls in love with Yon Hee as he passes by her in the school grounds. Ever since then, he attempts to get to know her. He even went as far as grabbing an old umbrella from a storage room just so he could share it with Yon Hee during a rainy day.

Though I do not believe in love at first sight, I wasn’t repulsed at the admiration that In Ha had for Yon Hee. This is probably because he was too shy to actually voice out his feelings for her. He was so slow to the point that you’d get frustrated at the way he allows his bestfriend, Don Wook, to steal the apple of his eye away from him.

In Ha watches quietly in the background as Yon Hee and Don Wook get closer and closer. Eventually though, conflict arises the moment In Ha and Yon Hee realize that their feelings are actually mutual. They leave their town to be together, then go home to face the mess. Unfortunately, their budding relationship is cut short when fate gets in the way. Yon Hee develops tuberculosis while In Ha gets arrested thanks to his roommate and friend. They never saw each other after all of that.

30 years later, by chance or maybe even fate, their offspring bump into each other during a trip to Japan. Ha Na, unlike Yon Hee, is perky and cheerful. Joon, unlike his father, is cold and infamous for being a playboy. After Ha Na accidentally loses her phone to Joon, their lives are eventually entwined. Also, during a rainy day in Korea, their parents finally reunite after so many years apart. The situation between the two couples is the main conflict in the story.


First of all, the backstory is what really got me into the series. Although it’s a given that In Ha and Yon Hee would not end up together, it was still heartbreaking to see them torn apart by fate. The first five or so episodes are dedicated to their history and, for some reason, I enjoyed it more than the whole series itself. I fell in love with the 1970’s couple and it took some time for me to adjust to the present timeline.

The backstory contains more drama than the present timeline. The latter tends to be really light-hearted and sometimes, it feels like a romcom. Everything was thrilling when I was waiting for the moment that the two couples would find out about their complex predicament. After that, the series became a bit boring. I watched until the end to see how In Ha and Yon Hee’s story would unfold. I really wanted them to get together more than Ha Na and Joon.

I also felt that the rivals of the story could’ve been more effective. In Love Rain, we have two other men aside from Joon who’s interested in Ha Na.

Our first rival is Tae Sung, Ha Na’s senior who happens to be the CEO of the resort where Ha Na’s mom is working in. Before meeting Joon, Tae Sung was actually the object of Ha Na’s affections. After hearing that he had a girlfriend, Ha Na decided to stop liking him. Also, because of Joon, she eventually forgets about her crush for him.

Let’s see. Tae Sung had a lot of potential since Ha Na already liked him from the start. Unfortunately, he made his move too late. I think Ha Na commented on this in the series. He pops out of nowhere to solve Ha Na’s problems since he’s rich and influential. He tries to woo her, but she’s already too in love with Joon by this time.

You can give me a check up anytime, doctor. ;)

Our second rival is Sun Ho, Joon’s childhood friend and incidentally, the son of Don Wook. Isn’t he cute? I really thought he was going to be like his father in the previous timeline, but I was wrong since Don Wook’s son isn’t as aggressive as he is. He was there for Ha Na when she needed him, but he was too much of a good friend to Joon to actually make a move.

It was hinted that he liked her romantically, but he let her go because he himself was a witness to the love between Joon and Ha Na. I really wish they used him more to make Joon jealous and all, but that’s just me.

I could also bring up about Mi Ho, Su Ho’s sister, who was vying for Joon’s affections, but she wasn’t really a threat in the first place. Joon’s mom, Hye Jung, was a great “villain” from the start, but I didn’t understand how she was able to accept the relationship between the two instantly. I mean, she clearly stated that nothing would change her opinion about Joon and Ha Na and in the next scene she’s in, Ha Na’s actually calling her “mother” already. That’s just plain weird. And rushed.

Overall, I’m glad I watched it mostly because of the story between In Ha and Yon Hee. Their love is just so beautiful. They didn’t see each other for 30 years yet they still couldn’t forget about their first love. The scene above is probably my favorite. While crossing the street, In Ha notices Yon Hee. He’s in shock, but he rushed through the streets under the pouring rain just to make sure that it was her. This time, it was Yon Hee who offered to share her umbrella with him. It just made me feel all mushy inside.

P.S. I really love the soundtrack as well. My favorite one is the song that In Ha wrote for Yon Hee. It’s about how they shared an umbrella during that fateful rainy day. 

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