June 18, 2013

My Milkshake

brings all the boys to the yard. I can't believe I just started a blog post that way. Ha. That song brings back a lot of memories because I used to hear it frequently back in elementary. I've been seeing it around the internet because of certain memes, too. Anyway, I'm blogging even if I'm exhausted from my baby brother's birthday party because it's been a while.

So, I started craving for a milkshake while watching The Perks of Being a Wallflower. I know that I am so late on that, but I don't think they even showed this in our local theaters. That's one of the downsides of living in the province. Anyway, Emma Watson was preparing Logan Lerman some milkshake at his request. Instead of paying attention to their conversation, I focused on the ice cream and the milk that Emma had in her hands. I just had to make one myself.

Cookies and Cream Milkshake

2 bananas (sliced)
4-6 cookies (crushed)
1 cup of milk
1-2 scoops of vanilla or chocolate ice cream
Chocolate syrup

To be honest, I didn't even measure the ingredients that went in my milkshake, so the recipe I posted is just a  rough estimate. It's not as if a milkshake is really difficult to prepare anyway. That's what's so great about it. Plus, most of the ingredients are items you can almost always find in your kitchen or in your refrigerator. Expect a thick and rich drink because this recipe doesn't include ice.

Also, if you want a healthier alternative, you can omit the cookies and add in some fruits. My Mom added watermelon and pineapple to her milkshake. She made use of vanilla and strawberry ice cream. 

That's it. Even if it's the rainy season, there's always room for milkshake, am I right?

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