August 02, 2013

My Snail Mail Addiction

Mail from Emma, UK.

Surprisingly, I had a stash of mail waiting for me after I successfully applied for a bank account yesterday. Just a few months ago, I had nothing but complaints for Philpost, but now, I'm willing to let go of past ills. 

Anyway, aside from my giddiness at receiving these missives from overseas, a painful realization has hit me: my savings are depleting because of this hobby. Whatever should I do?

I thought about it for a while. Basically, I've decided to regulate the number of letters I send out per month. It's not something I want to do since I really enjoy writing letters, but it's a necessity since I'm still jobless. I mean, I do some freelance writing here and there, but it's just not enough to cover the postage.

As of writing, I have about 10 pen pals. I just couldn't say no to the kind souls who offered to be my pen friend. Anyway, this will only be temporary. Hopefully, I'll land a job soon so I can continue with this hobby.

Anyway, the first letter featured above is from Emma, one of the first people who took up my offer to be pen pals. The last time I heard from her was late May or early June, so I was glad to receive this reply. She's into fashion and music. I'd share her fashion and beauty blog, but I forgot to take note of the URL. What I like most about Emma is her choice of stationery. I'm in love with the one she sent me.

Mail from Ekaterina, Russia.

This letter was written in May and I'm beyond shocked that it only arrived now. I've heard of the Russian post being slow, but this is ridiculous. Anyway, I noticed that Russians are really chatty individuals. Ekaterina's letter was two pages long! I enjoyed replying to her many questions and of course, fangirling about Game of Thrones.

Mail from Li, China.

Li's letter is another thing that I've been looking forward to for so long. I met him through Postcrossing. We were only supposed to do a one-time swap, but we ended up being pen pals. He generously sent me a set of ten postcards depicting Chinese women in traditional clothing. The illustrations were so beautiful, so I had to thank him with a postcard.

He's really amusing to talk to because of his fascination for our local shows here in the Philippines. Apparently, he's a huge fan of Anne Curtis' Dyosa. Also, we share a love for Japan, so he sent me some maps from his Tokyo trip. What did I say about him being generous?

Speaking of snail mail, a close friend and I decided to open a pen pal supply store. We sell washi tape, sticky notes and stickers. We'll add more items once we get some sales. We ship worldwide, so be sure to check us out!

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