August 17, 2013

Our mailman loves me

I have a feeling that our local post office here is amazed at the quantity of mail that's addressed to our house. I'm sure the expression on their faces is identical to the one I'm used to seeing when I hand a whole bunch of mail to their staff for stamps. This is actually the mailman's second visit this week, since he was just here last Monday.

What a great way to welcome the weekend, right?

Three of the postcards above are from private swaps while the rest are from kind people who are fine with sending a postcard for no reason at all. I am happy that I get to add two more Studio Ghibli cards to my collection. Also, I finally received a card from the most romantic city in the world, Paris.

As for the rest of today's mail, I received three pen pal letters.

The first one is from Manvi Lew, a Malaysian who is studying in the UK. My favorite part of her letter was the bookmark. It's so beautiful. I usually just store the little gifts that my penpals send me, but I set hers aside so I can use it the next time I have a book to read.

This next letter is probably one of my absolute favorites. It's from Vesna of Slovenia. It turns out that she's an illustrator, so her creativity was evident in her letter. She is also a fan of the A Song of Ice and Fire series (Game of Thrones, to some). She sent me an origami of Rhaegal, one of Daenarys' dragons.

I loved the dragon sketches on the envelope and the letter itself. I don't think I've mentioned this, but the dragon is my favorite mythical beast. In my About page, I mentioned that my blog's name came from a fantasy novel that I was writing. In its first draft, a dragon played a huge role in the plot. I dropped it though, and opted to use the beast as a mere symbol of the Kingdom of Draconia.

(But I digress)

Last, but not the least is a reply from Ella of England. I think I sent her my first letter a month or so ago. I was really surprised that her reply arrived faster than the ones I've been waiting for so long. For example, it's been a while since I received any reply from my penpal from Japan. I'm starting to get really worried. 

Anyway, I liked the way Ella used the first page of her letter as an envelope. However, Philpost delivered this to my house in one of their clear plastic bags. It comes with a note (in nosebleed-worthy Tagalog) that says they're sorry that the letter is damaged. Well, the envelope/letter was a bit torn. It didn't bother me though since I do not expect snail mailed letters to be handled with TLC.

So, I have this habit of replying to letters on the day that I receive them. I spent the whole afternoon preparing my replies. My hands are incredibly sore, actually. The feeling of finally finishing a pile of letters is wonderful.

Also, I got to use my own envelopes. Two out of three of the envelopes below were made from magazine pages. It's a great way to reuse old paper while saving a few pesos that could've been spent on buying new envelopes.

Oh, I'd willingly post a tutorial if anyone wants one.

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