August 19, 2013

Swiss Miss Chocolate Truffle Review

After a long time, my family and I did some shopping at a proper grocery store during the weekend. When I say "proper," I mean a store that has a wide selection of goods. My mother spotted the hot chocolate section and she told me to help myself. I was about to grab my usual packets of Swiss Miss Marshmallow, but then my eyes caught sight of this one. 

It goes without saying that my curiosity was piqued.

Whenever I have some hot choco on hand, I usually end my nights with a cup. I have never added anything in my Swiss Miss drink in the past, but I decided to heed the suggestion found on the packet. I added some milk to the mix. Also, I channeled my inner barista by topping off my hot choco with a drizzle of syrup:

Not bad for an amateur, huh?
Anyway, I could not really tell the difference between the Chocolate Truffle variant with the plain one. It tasted the same, but I think it was more chocolatier than the usual. I think my adding of the milk was unnecessary since my drink became too sweet even if I didn't pour too much.

As expected though, Swiss Miss still has not disappointed me when it comes to their hot chocolate.

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