August 16, 2013

White Koffie and Ahmad Tea Review

The drinks that I'll be reviewing on this post are the same ones I talked about receiving a month ago. I've been procrastinating for some reason, but I've finally convinced myself that I need to work on this review already. Anyway, I'm starting off with the White Koffie.

Am I actually weird for expecting the coffee to be as white as the label claims? It turns out that it actually has a color reminiscent of caramel. It isn't clear in the photo I took because of the foam. In terms of its kick, it has just the right amount of caffeine to perk you up.

I think it'll be fine as is, but I still opted to add a little milk. After all, I wasn't aiming at pulling an all-nighter anyway. To be honest, this drink really reminded me of Kopiko Brown Coffee.

I have been avoiding teas lately because I found out that they cause me to visit the bathroom too frequently. However, my stomach was making weird whale noises the other day. I figured gas was the culprit, so Mom and I decided to try this one out.

I think the color is pretty. It's almost a purplish red, but again, the photo isn't doing it any justice. As I usually do when I'm trying out a new tea, I took a whiff of it. It gives out this really zesty scent that reminds me of Eight o'clock, a powdered juice drink that's always present in our house.

It was really refreshing. My mother loves it, actually. It's her kind of tea. I'm more of a milk tea drinker, but this was okay.

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