September 28, 2013

Chocolate crema cheese cake review

I've mentioned Myrna's Bake House on this blog countless times, so everyone probably already knows how fond I am for it. Can you blame me? I practically celebrated almost every special occasion in my life with one of their cakes. 

Last year, my readers were privy on what I did for my mother's birthday. Unfortunately, I had to lie low this year because of the crisis. Of course, there is never a good reason not to have cake during a birthday. Thankfully, Myrna's is quite accessible from our house.

My first reaction when I saw it was, "It's so pretty!" Can you blame me? The design is actually very simple, but it was enough to make me squeal in delight. Is it weird that I was probably more excited about this cake than the celebrator?

It's a chocolate cream cheese cake. It has this light and creamy icing which I love. After helping myself to a spoonful, I noticed that the filling is similar to marshmallow fluff. Also, there's a hint of mocha in every bite, though I'm not sure which part of the cake is contributing to it.

This is definitely something for the cream cheese lovers. I wasn't a big fan of cream cheese before, but Myrna's has done a great job at changing my views.

I'm no cake expert, but I'm pretty sure this cake would go well with some crushed nuts. I always look for a little crunch in almost everything I eat, so that's just an opinion.

Happy birthday, Mom! I love you. 

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