October 11, 2013

August Mail: Better late than never

The subsequent tragedies that befell Zamboanga caused a delay in the delivery of my mail. This batch was received by the local post office during the last week of August, but it only arrived yesterday. Although the aftermath of the crisis and the continuing floods are still affecting the city, it's great to at least have this shred of normalcy again.

I've been MIA lately because it felt a bit odd to post anything on the blog that wasn't related to the crisis. Now that the fighting is over, I guess I can go back to blogging about happy things.

Let's get started. The first letter above is from Hayley, a language student from the University of Memphis. It was her first letter, but she did not hesitate to write a long one. Her course really intrigues me because I think I would've taken a language-related course if I didn't take up Mass Communication in college.

She sent me a postcard of the Memphis Botanic Garden, her workplace. I can't help, but be envious because the view looks so picturesque there. Must be a really pleasant place to work in.

The next letter isn't from a pen pal. It's from Bethany, the face behind happycrafterbee.tumblr.com. She sends handmade cards to anyone who requests them. I think it's a great project.

I was actually feeling down yesterday, so this brightened up my day. I really liked the galaxy print paper that she used, too.

The next missive is from Gabriela, a nursing student from Illinois. She wrote her message on this really cute card. The photo doesn't do justice for the cute little porcupine on the card.

A couple of months ago, we agreed to be pen pals. I sent her a postcard. 

I also received some postcards. The first one is from Kristen. Most probably, she's someone I met on Tumblr because she addressed the card with my username.

The postcard features a part of Savannah, Georgia. Accordingly, it's the oldest city there. Kristen also added that ghosts haunt the city from 1 a.m. to 4 a.m. Creepy, huh?

The second card is from Vesna. I mentioned her in an earlier post. She was kind enough to send me a postcard while she was vacationing at the Croatian coast. I really love oddly shaped cards, so I'm definitely cherishing this one.

I've prepared replies for the pen pal letters. The next problem is buying the stamps. I wish payday would come sooner.

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