October 21, 2013

LM Metro Hotel Review

This is the first time that my work actually meshed with my blog's niche. (Well, if there is a niche to speak of. I'm working on it though.) Anyway, I visited LM Metro Hotel today because I'm always hunting for something worth writing about. I was quick to book an interview with the staff for this reason.

Upon arrival, I could only utter one word: wow. I'm not an architect or anything, but I think the building itself is beautiful. It's definitely a standout among the hotels in the city. 

The hotel has a total of 34 rooms. It caters to the business class, so the amenities are high-end. To be honest, their prices are really affordable and worth it if you pit them against other hotels in Zamboanga.

I took a couple of snapshots of the rooms. Here are some of them:

Their suite also comes with a jacuzzi. If I'm not mistaken, this is actually a first in Zamboanga. Haven't heard of any other hotel that offers this service.

Booking a room here has other perks. For example, you get a free breakfast and you can use their Sky Gym. I'll have to shamelessly admit that I'm not physically fit, but I think I'd love to work out in a gym as nice as theirs. You get a great view of the surrounding area while using their brand new and modern equipment.

Wait, there's more. This hotel has almost everything you need. They even have a restaurant that serves Pinoy cuisine.

My most favorite part of the hotel would have to be the 3rd Cup Cafe. The ambience is great and the seats are comfy. Actually, I used to frequent this cafe when it was still located along Camins. You can't imagine how happy I was when I learned that they were reopening.

I had a revel bar and a cup of hot choco. I tend to nitpick the pastries that are being served at coffee shops, but I actually enjoyed this one. It has just the right amount of chocolate. You don't get too much crust. Other coffee and pastry shops are notorious for this.

The serving is generous, too. Just look at it.

Before I forget, they also have a boutique there. Zia Sash started out as an online shop, but they eventually decided to open a physical store. They sell imported bags, clothes and other fashion items. They also have a little corner for sweets and pastries.

My family is already planning to book a stay here. I think it would be a nice way to kick back and relax without going out of town.

Ms. Jacqueline, the hotel's marketing officer, told me that there's more to come. They're already planning for a convention center and a swimming pool.

LM Metro Hotel is in its soft opening phase. The grand opening will be held sometime in November. However, they will start accepting guests on October 25.

I really have high hopes for this hotel. I'm glad that Zamboanga actually gained an establishment that we can recommend to visitors and tourists.

Disclaimer: This isn't a sponsored post.

Address: Don Toribio Street, Corner Falcatan, Tetuan, Zamboanga City, Philippines
Phone: 09257553834

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