October 23, 2013

Mail Crazy

It was almost sundown when I heard someone knocking on our gate. The recent crisis has made my brother jumpy, so he was really wary about who it was. I, on the other hand, have developed some sort of sixth sense for the delivery guy or our mailman. It definitely didn't fail me yesterday.

When I opened our gate, I was greeted by a huge pile of mail. Even the mailman himself couldn't help but ask if I was the sole recipient for the pile. I gleefully explained that I have too many pen pals as he handed my long-awaited prize.

Somehow, it occurred to me that the mailman must've thought that I was somehow addicted or crazy for mail. And you know what? He could be right.

Paulina of Finland.
I wrote to Paulina in early August, I think. We met on Tumblr. I told her how interested I was in the Finnish culture. This was instigated by my introduction to Moomin postcards through Postcrossing. She sent me a Moomin lollipop which I will try after I finish this post.

Mami of Japan.
The next letter is from Mami. I never thought I'd be able to get a pen pal from Japan, but she was so nice to think of messaging me through the Postcrossing forum while I was searching for one.

She sent me a little map to where she lives. Also, since she visited a local shrine during her summer vacation, she included a charm as a present. I wish I knew how to read Japanese characters. Maybe one of you would be willing to help me out? :)

Lauren of South Korea.
Here's another letter from an interesting country. I'm sure the K-Pop fanatics would love to correspond with a Korean. Before you fangirl/boy about anything K-Pop, let me just say that Lauren is actually an American who's working in a radio station there.

Honestly, I think she's a cool person. I've been looking for a fellow journalist to converse with, so I think we'll get along quite nicely. I haven't written her a reply yet because I think it'll be lengthier than my usual letters. Gotta prepare myself.
Keith of USA.
I "met" Keith through my awesome friend, Christal. I've been ranting to her about wanting a male pen pal, so she recommended Keith to me.

He's actually pretty cool because we share a lot of interests. We have the same taste in books! Also, he's an anime fan like me.

I received a ton of official Postcrossing cards, too. Actually, I was stunned because my received cards count is now higher than my sent. 

There are more, but I got lazy. I decided to just show everyone some of my favorites:

I'll have to give a special side note about the Game of Thrones card. I literally screamed when I saw it. I'm not sure if this is an unpopular opinion, but I love Cersei Lannister. (Thanks for the card, Katharina!)

I actually like book Cersei more than her TV show counterpart. Don't get me wrong! I adore Lena Headey. It's just that her character is more human in the books. You are actually able to feel sorry for her, too.

Before I start spoiling the books/show for everyone, I'm going to leave it at that. To the show-only fans, I really recommend that you pick up the books. You won't regret it.

I actually have more letters to share, but I think I'll make a separate post for them.

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