October 31, 2013

What makes a perfect morning?

I am not a morning person. I think I used to be back when I was a kid, but times have changed me. If work or other external factors would allow me, I'd even wake up at noon! Unfortunately, that isn't always the case. I've found out that the only way to keep bad vibes at bay in the morning is to start it on a good note.

Luckily, these goodies were waiting for me at my doorstep just an hour or so after I got out of bed.
I've mentioned Joe & Cherry before. Though my last transaction with them was smooth, there was a bit of a hiccup the second time around. All of the blame, however, should be pointed at 2Go though. I had to wait for almost a week for my package. They said  the delay was caused by their cargo being off-loaded somehow, but this is probably the longest I have ever had to wait for a local package.

Anyway, I was just glad I finally received them. Plus, I've been dying to try the Wildlicious Wild! Berry Poptarts.

Unlike my Biscoff cookies, my Poptart box was battered. It's a good thing none of the toaster pastries were crushed or anything. Joe & Cherry properly wraps their products for shipment, thankfully.

The first thing I noticed was that the poptarts weren't individually wrapped. It's an issue because the wrappers they come in aren't resealable. I thought of keeping the other poptart for another day, but I ended up eating the second one for lunch.

I popped this in our toaster oven for about 3 minutes, you know, just so I can eat it warm. I was able to catch a whiff of berries while it was heating. 

Let's start with the crust. I can't say I actually like it. It's pretty bland. The only saving grace, of course, is the frosting. It's really sweet. It reminded me of fruit jam.

I wanted more flavor, so I decided to spread a spoonful of peanut butter onto the tart. That definitely did the trick. It almost felt like biting into a PB&J sandwich. I'd choose a pastry crust over bread any day though. 

Since a lot of people suggested that I should wash it down with a tall glass of milk, I decided to follow their advice. It goes really well with it since the milk makes up for the dry sensation that was left by the crust.

I had Biscoff cookies as well. They were really good, but I think I still prefer them in cookie butter form. They're really flavorful, so I think it's only right to pair them with a drink. I think I'll have them with my hot choco the next time I prepare a cup.

One pack comes with 32 cookies. I think that's more than enough to make anyone satisfied.

Joe & Cherry
Email: joeandcherrymanila@gmail.com
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Twitter: @joeandcherryMNL

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