November 27, 2013

I won a bag of Cranberry Chewkies

Even one of our local bakeries has gotten the hang of hosting giveaways. Of course, being the food lover that I am, I couldn't resist joining. Luckily, I actually won something, though it wasn't really the prize that I was aiming for. Still, I am very thankful. Thanks Myrna's!

I'm guessing these will be one of Myrna's Christmas offerings. Cranberries are usually associated with Thanksgiving and Christmas because they are readily available during the holiday season. Also, their bright red color gives off this festive vibe that's perfect for the holidays.

True to their name, the cookies were very chewy. Aside from the cranberry bits, they also contained chunks of chocolate. I think they'll serve well as gifts this December. I, for one, think that four cookies aren't enough for one person. I was craving for more after every bite!

Hopefully, Myrna's will pack more cookies in each bag once they officially have these in their stores. I am also looking forward to tasting their Salted Caramel Turtle Brownies and Marshmallow Crunch Brownies! I tried calling up one of their branches about them, but accordingly, they don't have them in their stores yet.

Address: #50 Km. 4 Pasonanca, Zamboanga City, Philippines
Telephone: (062) 991-8546

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