November 03, 2013

My First Taste of Cronuts

I noticed that some of the self-proclaimed "social media police" have expressed annoyance over the posting of food photos online. Much of this is targeted on Instagrammers for obvious reasons. I, however, have always enjoyed seeing photos of food on my homepage.

Aside from purposely making my mouth water, I also think food posts are a great way to find out new places to eat in. I actually have a particular IG friend to thank for posting a photo of Brioche, otherwise, I would still be clueless about cronuts.

This quaint little pastry shop can be found in Cebu City's Escario Central Mall. Although I looked it up through Google Maps beforehand, my mother and I didn't have much trouble finding it. We didn't have to go through the trouble of giving directions to the cabbie either. Thank God.

It's not easy to miss. If you aren't familiar with the location, it's beside a McDonald's branch. Aside from Brioche, there were a number of classy-looking restaurants and coffee shops that were waiting to be visited. I actually wished I had more time to check out the other establishments there. 

Brioche has a very minimalist set up, especially compared to the neighboring shops. It has a limited number of tables, but it's a good thing the place wasn't packed when we were there.

They have a lot of baked goods on display, but I really just explored a part of Cebu I've never been to for one thing:

Their cronuts.

Brioche calls their version "dossants," though. We picked three flavors: Chocolate Lover's, Blueberry and Apple Cinnamon.

Both mom and I agreed that our favorite would have to be the blueberry one. Every bite was packed with this creamy blueberry filling. The combination of cream cheese and blueberry was just right, too. None of them seemed overpowered by the other.

If I didn't have a heavy meal before trying it, I would've had a second helping.

I'm indecisive about the other flavors. Although I loved the chocolatey goodness of the Chocolate Lover's variant, I have to admit that I didn't really enjoy the pastry itself. Compared to the other two, this one seemed a bit tough. It wasn't flaky, too. It's a good thing that the frosting did not disappoint!

As for the Apple Cinnamon, I don't really have much to say. It tasted exactly like apple pie, but in donut form. It was great, but nothing out of the ordinary.

That leaves us with the price. The chocolate and cinnamon ones are sold at P100 each while the blueberry variant costs P125. I looked up cronut prices and P100-125 seems to be the common price range. There are less expensive ones out there though. I can't comment on this yet because it's my first cronut experience.

Oh, and one of the staff told us that Brioche also offers glazed donuts at cheaper prices, if anyone's curious.

We washed everything down with Sri Lankan tea. What a nice way to end the night.

Address: N. Escario Street, Escario Central, 6000 Cebu City
Phone: (032) 238 4523

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