November 20, 2013

Unexpected Mail

Last Monday, I received some letters and a Postcrossing card. Along with them, came a parcel notice. This surprised me because I wasn't expecting a parcel from anyone. I figured it was from one of my pen pals, but I was wrong. It was actually from Stephanie, someone who participated in my unsuccessful 12-month swapping project.

The trinkets she packed for me were overwhelming. Her package had a clear theme, her country of origin, the United States of America. It is one of the most thoughtful packages I've ever received. I suddenly felt bad because what I sent her was very simple.

If you're wondering why I called my swapping project "unsuccessful," it's because some of the swappers never sent anything back to me. There was also one who didn't exert as much effort as I'd hope for. It was really disheartening.

Anyway, I plan on doing another project. I have this huge scrapbook lying around in my room. It was a gift from my 18th birthday, but I never got to do anything with it. Since my paper goods and postcards have been piling up, I thought of decorating the scrapbook with them. I'm still undecided on whether I should arrange the "souvenirs" by country or by pen pal.

To end this quick post, I'll just share to everyone the mail I received. They're all from people I met on Tumblr:

Tea (Italy)

Katie (USA)

Emma (UK)
P.S. I decided to deactivate my Postcrossing account temporarily. I don't have the budget to continue it at the moment. For now, I'll be focusing on my pen pals. Also, the gap between my sent and received cards is growing wider. I feel guilty about receiving so many cards when in fact I haven't sent an official card in a long time.

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