January 06, 2014

Happy New Year!

This post is long overdue. Actually, I should've had something prepared a couple of weeks ago, but I got lazy. Happy New Year to one and all! I hope you had a great time with your family and friends during the holidays. I sure did. Did you get anything from your wishlist? I did!

Of course, I received other gifts. I just forgot to take photos of them. I've been wanting to try the other chocolates in the Ferrero Collection, so receiving a box made my day. It was difficult to prevent myself from finishing them all in one go.

This post isn't about the gifts I received. I just thought of showing my appreciation to the person who gave these to me. (Thank you!)

Moving on, although the holidays kept me full and happy, I was really sad because I only received ONE letter last month. That has never happened before. It was my Dad who handed the mail to me and I kept on asking him if it was really the only one the mailman brought.

The letter was from Li, my Chinese pen pal. He sent me a really cute card and a Chinese knot. He told me that I could hang it somewhere for good luck, so I decided on showing it off on our door. It's so pretty, so I made sure to thank him for it in my reply.

Today, I received another letter. I was on my way out when I noticed a lonely little envelope sticking through our gate. Like last month, I couldn't believe it was the only thing that was delivered. I'm expecting a lot of replies, you see. A Facebook group I joined explained that mail can get slow during the holiday season. Hopefully, that's the case. I would be really sad if some of the letters got lost though.

Anyway, here's the letter I received:

It's from Gabriela. I guess this is the second letter I've received from her. She sent a really long letter which included how she met her boyfriend. I think how they met was adorable. I also love the Christmas card she sent. Santa looks so cute!

I'm writing a reply after I finish this post.

Anyway, I can't decide on what else to include here. Well, I'm renewing my blog's domain name this month. I can't believe it's been a year since I bought dracoprincess.com. Although it's sort of embarrassing to share this URL every time people I know (especially those from work!) ask about it, I'm keeping it. This was never meant to be a "professional" blog anyway.

I've faced so many struggles last year, but I learned from them. As cliché as this may sound, the challenges I faced made me stronger. I'm ready to take on whatever 2014 will be throwing at me. Hopefully, I'll also get to keep the people who stood beside me during both the good and bad times. Of course, that includes all my readers. Thanks for putting up with me. Haha!

Goodbye 2013 and Hello 2014!

(It's also time to get a new planner. Any suggestions?)

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