April 22, 2014

Definitely Japan. Definitely Kojie.san.

Choosing the right soap for your daily needs can be quite the challenge, especially when there are more than a dozen brands out there. If you're looking for something that's both effective and safe to use, then you might want to give Kojie.san a try.

The brand was the first one to ever bring kojic acid soaps to the Philippines. It even won Soap of the Year during Watson's Health, Wellness and Beauty Awards for 2010. That alone tells how much Kojie.san has contributed to the personal care department.

Since then, many kojic acid-based products have been sprouting all over the market. Even brandless varieties are available at low prices. However, it's difficult to trust these products especially if you know little to nothing about their origins. Sometimes, the best course of action is to use a product that has established itself in the market. This is why Kojie.san is still one of the famous whitening brands even until now.

You might be wondering how kojic acid works its whitening magic. This is possible through micropeeling. Through this, the skin is slowly lightened with frequent use. If you wish to get rid of your freckles or melasma, then consider using Kojie.san. Kojic acid, which is derived from fungi and other organic materials, helps lower the production of melanin by countering the effects of tyrosinase. This enzyme, along with amino acid, is responsible for the production of melanin.

Kojic acid on its own can be tough on the skin, that's why it's best to purchase it in soap or cream form. This way, its whitening effects can be controlled. You can also rest assured that Kojie.san is quite safe compared to other brands because every bar only contains natural ingredients. No harmful chemicals were added into the special formula. Plus, you get to treat your skin to the brand's anti-oxidant properties.

I've personally switched to Kojie-san because my previous soap wasn't working for me. It's really affordable and you get a big bar for only P30. I also love the scent of the soap. I chose to start using Kojie.san because of its reputation and effectiveness. The skin is one of the most pampered parts of a woman's boy, hence, you have to carefully choose the right products for it. Since Kojie.san claims to be safe and all-natural, then I'm definitely willing to give it a try.

It's normal to feel a slight stinging sensation when using kojic acid. It's probably one of the indicators of micropeeling. However, it's still important to do a patch test, like with most beauty products. Another important safety precaution is to avoid prolonged sun exposure. Kojic acid can cause the skin to be extra sensitive to the sun, so it's best to always have an umbrella and/or to apply sunblock. Luckily, Kojie.san has its own line of sunblock.

To sum everything up, I created a simple graphic for Kojie.san:

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