April 01, 2014

Free Shipping on Professional Dental Supplies

In a previous post, a quick introduction of AiDentist was made. This site aims to supply professionals with high quality dental equipment. It offers a whole range of products to choose from. Some of which are ultrasonic scalersdental handpiecesmarathon micro monitorsdental curing lightsultrasonic cleanersand intraoral cameras.

The site prides in providing the best price and quality when it comes to its products. Clients are even given a 12-month guarantee on their purchases. Also, did you know that AiDentist offers free shipping for all its products? This is definitely your go-to site if you want to save while getting good quality products.

Here are some of AiDentist's bestsellers:

NSK Highspeed Handpiece

Marathon N3S Handpiece S05 Micro Motor

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