April 11, 2014

Protect yourself from the influence of sun rays

The effect of sun rays is extremely dangerous not because you can get a sunburn but because it can influence your skin very negatively and become a reason of serious skin diseases, such as brown spots and even cancer. But the thing is that it is almost impossible to avoid sun rays.

The day spent on the beach can turn into a real tragedy, because if your skin doesn`t produce enough melanin, sun is able to kill the cells of skin. Even the slightest sunburn damages the top layer of skin and as a result skin cells are killed.

But if we know that sun is dangerous, why don’t we protect our skin properly? We still think that the darker tan we have the healthier we look, but we are wrong. The darker tan is the more our skin is damaged. You should know all the methods of protection to reduce the effect of sun rays on our skin and body. But if you have already suffered of burn or pigmentation, you can try out to whiten your skin. The most natural way to do it is using of homemade whitening lotion. I’ve tried 3 different recipes and believe that this one is rather simple and quite effective, read at the wikitalks.com a step-by-step guide.

  1. One of the simplest ways to reduce the effect of sun rays is to cover your head and body. Between 11 a.m. and 4 p.m. sun is the most active so it is better to stay at home during this time and to use sunscreens. Tissues of dark colors and dense structure absorb UV rays much more effectively than light tissues and of course they should be dry because wet tissues are not effective when it comes to the protection from sun rays.
  2. The minimum SPF of sunscreens should be 15. Don`t be afraid to use a thick layer of the cream. Thin layer won`t be that effective and you can get a sunburn. If you are going to swim than you should apply waterproof sunscreen SPF 50.
  3. Do you want to make the effect of the sunscreen better? Apply it on your skin thirty minutes before you are going outside. It will be absorbed by skin and you will have nothing to worry about. Just don`t forget to apply the new layer once in two hours. But if your skin is very light then you should apply sunscreen the night before in order for it to be absorbed properly, before light skin is more exposed to sunburn. And before the very going outside don`t forget to apply one more layer.
  4. Nose always gets sunburn first. It happens because it stands out against the face and so it is more exposed to the sunburn in comparison with the rest of the face. So you should apply cream on your nose more often. Zinc oxide paste is a very effective thing, which should be applied on the sunscreen and absorbed properly by the skin. You can apply it not only on your nose and your feet, where skin is the most sensitive.
  5. Despite the fact that doctors keep saying that sunbathing is not healthy and that tan is dangerous for your skin, many people still consider that they should become tanned the more the better. It is especially bad for people with very fair skin. They can get sunburn easier than other people and the consequences are more serious.
  6. Don`t think that if there are clouds on the sky you can`t get a sunburn and you are safe. Ultraviolet light is able to get through the clouds, so don`t forget to protect your skin even in cloudy days.
  7. Snow can also be very tricky. Why? Because it reflects the sun rays and in combination with cold and wind it affects your skin negatively and the sunburn can be easily received. This tip should be especially considered by ski lovers.
  8. It is not a well-known fact but it is true that some medications can influence the way your skin percepts sun rays. Some diuretics and even herbs can make your skin more sensitive to sun. So don`t forget to consult your doctor as for the medications before you are going to the vacation in order to reduce the risk of sunburn.
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