May 02, 2014

My Chocolate Ganache Cake and Some Baking Tips

It's been about two years since I baked a cake, so I was really happy when I finally had an excuse to make one again. A week or so ago, my brother celebrated his birthday. I wanted to prepare something special for him, and this was the result. Don't you think it looks good for an amateur's attempt?

The salted caramel that was used in the cookie cups I made was actually the same one I used for the cake. I recently found out how easy it is to make caramel at home, so I've been making some from time to time. Mostly, it's for my shop or when we randomly need something to spread on our bread.

Anyway, I filled this cake with salted caramel because my brother just loves it. Aside from baked goods, he enjoys it on ice cream and even on frappes. I actually wanted to mix it with buttercream first, but a power interruption foiled my plans. You'll know what I mean if you live in Mindanao.

Still, the cake turned out even better than I expected. The base was a bit messy, but that's mostly my fault. I'm really proud of it because it looks a bit more professional than my first cake.

As promised, here are a few tips that I picked up while baking:

  • Do not over mix your batter. Doing so will result in a tough cake.
  • Make sure your oven is set at the right temperature. You'll risk burning your cake if it's too hot. On the other hand, an oven that's set too low will produce an under-baked or unevenly baked cake.
  • Use toothpicks and thread to cut the cake in half perfectly. I used this guide.
  • Depending on the recipe you're using, the ganache might turn out runny at first. Mine was this way. All you have to do is to refrigerate it for a couple of hours or overnight. It will be easier to work with by then.
Happy baking!

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