May 22, 2014

Why I'm Never Trusting MyPhone Ever Again

I used to be one of those people who believed that the local tech brands had nothing on Apple, Samsung and the other big names in the mobile industry. Even if I would be promised an octacore processor and a camera with high megapixels, I wouldn't fall for it. I only actually caved in when my Dad offered to trade his brand new MyPhone Rio for my Samsung Galaxy S Duos.

After reading some reviews and looking through the specs, I thought it was a good deal, especially since I won't be spending on it. Little did I know how wrong I was.

After just three weeks or so, I started to have touchscreen problems with my Rio. I thought it was nothing major, so I brushed it off. It worsened to the point that the phone would even send texts and dial numbers on its own. It was really inconvenient, so I decided to call up MyPhone's hotline. I was told that it could be fixed by recalibrating the screen, so I took it to the service center.

I thought that I would just be making a quick trip and then I'd get my phone back. I was dead wrong. I was told by the service center that the phone's "board" was the culprit. My Rio has been there for a whole week already and yet the parts haven't even arrived because they had to verify the warranty. My question is, why didn't the include an official receipt when they sent the package anyway?

What's worse is that the service center said that this issue seems to be happening a lot with the Rio. Wow. I'd like an explanation for this. Why sell a phone that would eventually malfunction after a month of use?

It's also worth mentioning what most users seem to be talking about on the MyPhone page. There are two versions of the Rio. Mine was the one with V1.06. I also had problems. I sent them an e-mail that eventually went unnoticed.

Basically, some apps that were installed on the SD card would stop working. I would get this message: "Unfortunately, [app name] has stopped..." Also, the app logo would turn into the generic Android one.

I found out on my own that some apps don't work well with the SD card. You'll just have to transfer it back to the phone memory and you should be fine. If you want to install a lot of apps on your phone, you are better off finding one that has a sizable internal memory. Don't count on your SD card. I learned this the hard way.

Anyway, I am now very eager to switch to another brand. I just wanted to give MyPhone a try because I heard the brand is known for its durability and great customer service. I believe it's more important to create products that don't need a trip to the service center than having friendly staff.

I posted something similar on their official Facebook page, but I doubt it's going to do me any good. I decided to post this to let others know about my experience. Think twice before buying the MyPhone Rio. (or any phone that seems appealing yet the brand that carries it is a bit dodgy)

I urge you to stick to a brand that has never failed you. Samsung has served me well every time. I had three Samsung phones, but none of them ever needed a visit to the repair shop. I've only ever had an iPod from Apple, but I think the brand can be trusted, too. Mine malfunctioned on the first month, but Apple was quick to send a new one over. They didn't insist on trying to fix it, unlike my experience with MyPhone.

When my Rio gets returned, I'll be sure to make an update if I ever run into problems again.

Update: (6/10/2014) I was already fed up with waiting, so I decided to write a formal letter of complaint. Thankfully, MyPhone replied a few hours after I sent my e-mail. There were a few hiccups along the way. They promised to send me a replacement ASAP, but I ended up waiting for yet another week. The phone has been with me since Thursday last week. I haven't encountered any problems so far.

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