October 13, 2014

Tang adds refreshing twist to Zamboanga Hermosa Festival 2014

The boulevard was peppered with festive cheer during the regatta competition. The colorful vintas that were strewn across the stretch of sand were a feast for the days, and you could feel a sense of solidarity in the way people flocked to the seaside to witness the annual event. Tang, a juice brand that has made a name all over the country, decided to join in the fun by giving out free samples of their newest variant, Sweet Orange.

Cong. Celso Lobregat, Ms. Grace Bermejo of ID8 and Mr. Lawrence Lorico of Tang, pose for a photo at the juice brand's booth.
"Tang Sweet Orange is uniquely made for Mindanao," said Mr. Lawrence Lorico, brand manager. "The formulation is created especially for your palette." Tang had three trucks and one booth on stand-by in order to properly serve the crowd. An estimated six to eight thousand cups of Tang Sweet Orange was made available to the Zamboaguenos who were present during the regatta competition.

The mid-morning sunlight and of course, the excitement from the event would leave anyone parched. Who would say no to free drinks? The kids, most especially, eagerly approached the Tang representatives for a taste.

Mr. Celso Lobregat, a congressman, even assisted in facilitating the distribution of Tang Sweet Orange. Everyone obediently formed lines, making the process a whole lot easier.

I was curious as to why Tang decided to come up with a flavor that's exclusive to Mindanao, and I got my answer by conversing with one of the brand's representatives. Accordingly, Tang did not perform as well as it wanted to in Mindanao, when compared to Luzon and Visayas. In an attempt to win the hearts of Mindanaons, the brand tried to formulate a flavor that would appeal to our taste buds.

Even from the name itself, one could surmise that this particular juice brand is known for its distinctly tangy taste. Sweet Orange still has a hint of that signature flavor, but it's a lot more sugary. It was obviously a hit with the kids simply because it's the perfect drink for anyone with a sweet tooth.

Tang's contribution to the Hermosa Festival was welcomed by the citizens of Zamboanga with open arms. They definitely hit the nail in the head if they were aiming to make an impact during the celebration.

As a side note, it was actually my first time to witness the regatta up close. I know that's weird, considering I spent all of my life in this city. Also, my pen pals and fellow Postcrossers know that the regatta is one of the things that I like sharing about in my letters/postcards. I was happy that I was able to attend it amidst my busy schedule.

My pictures obviously did not do justice to the different vintas that were there that morning. They should be seen in person. They provided such a beautiful contrast to the bleak colors of the sky and sea that cloudy day. I'd like to thank Tang for inviting me to cover the event, otherwise, I wouldn't have been able to appreciate such a wonderful sight.

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