Why Draco Princess?

You're probably wondering why I didn't come up with a catchy blog title like everyone else. Well, I've been using "dracoprincess" as my online alias for almost eight years now. It's hard to shake it off. I decided to keep it for sentimental reasons.

It actually came from a fantasy novel I was working on before. The main character was the orphaned princess of a kingdom called Draconia who sets out on a journey to avenge her parents and to save the world from the dark forces that took them from her.

Do you see the connection now? I've long lost the manuscript for that story (both handwritten and virtual), so it's gone forever. Using the alias somehow reminds me of how I began as a writer, so please forgive me if it comes off as childish.

I'm Jemm, a girl who has unpredictable mood swings and an attention span of a toddler. Because of this, I can never put my blog in a single category. I'm a very random person with even more random ideas. Anything can inspire me to write, so expect the unexpected whenever you're going through this blog.

People often tell me that I'm quiet and sometimes mysterious. They can blame that on my mediocre speaking skills and my natural aversion to open up to random people. They might think that there's nothing going on in between my ears, but really, it's the exact opposite.

If you've already read some of my posts or visited my old blog, you'd see what a mess my mind is. It's brewing with thoughts and ideas that either end up being forgotten or written down somewhere. I can express myself better through writing. I spent most of my life keeping diaries, starting anthologies, writing for school papers, authoring stories on certain sites and blogging whenever I have time.

If you're still curious, here's some more facts about me:
  • I'm from the quaint city of Zamboanga, a place found in the south of the Philippines.

  • I took up Mass Communication at a university that I have a love-hate relationship with.

  • I have this great love for food, though some people would say that my body contradicts this. I enjoy trying new dishes and visiting cafes or restaurants I've never been to before.

  • I also love to read. I have a humble book collection at home that I wish to slowly turn into a mini-library. My mother thinks I have too many books already and that I should stop spending so much on new ones. Mother, one does not simply tell a bookworm to stop buying books.
There are a lot of other things to share, but I won't bore you all with that. If you want to know more about me, just go through my posts. I'm sure you'll get an idea of who I am.

Disclaimer: Most of the content of this blog is created by me. If I have used a photo from elsewhere, I always provide its source. Also, I am really honest with my reviews. If a post is sponsored, I always indicate this through the tags.

This blog accepts paid/sponsored posts, collaborations and other projects.

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